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Torela is a new and exciting playroom in Põhja-Tallinn, between Kalamaja and Pelgulinna.

You can celebrate children birthdays, come play morning playtime and join us in theme-nights.

The room is 185 m2.

Torela toys are child friendly and contribute to development. Children can use their creativity as well as strengthen their muscles. In the playroom kids can climb along the wall and ride around with cars. Kids can use a lot of their creativity by drawing with chalk on chalkwall or mountains in the sandbox of augmented reality.

For babies we have a nice seperated corner and for nursing a private room. There is a kitchen with fridge, oven, stove, microwave and kettle in the room. Kitchen utensils includes: juice jugs, salad bowls, trays, knives, tart server, coffee cups, vases.

14 adults and 14 children can sit comfortably around tables. One party at a time in the playroom.

If you want to see the room before booking, we can arrange a suitable time by phone or e-mail.

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